Photo Gallery/FAQ’s

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Q-where do you get the water?
A-When cleaning cars, we carry 65 gallons of water in our water tank

Q-where do you get the electricity?
A-we carry our own electricity via a portable generator

Q-how far do you go
A-we serve the Chicagoland area. The farther we go from 60619, the more we charge for a travel fee. Except for Interior/Exterior Detailing because the price is built in.

Q-What are your hours?
A-for mobile detailing, we start our first job at sunrise and start our last job an hour or two before sunset; depending on the service required for the last job.

Q-how do i schedule an appointment?
A- Call text or email us. Same day service depends on what appointments have been booked prior to your call. As much advanced notice you can give us,,the better chance you will get the time and date you desire.

Q-What products do you use?
A-blue coral wash wax soap, armor all wash wax soap, meguiars mirror glaze wax, nu finish polish, chamois,  microfiber towels.